The Social and Emotional Well-Being supports a health school through programs and services that value the social and emotional well-being of students, families and staff.

The Social and Emotional Well-Being component promotes:
  • Acceptance of self;
  • The ability to express thoughts and feelings in a responsible manner;
  • Understanding and respect for differences in others;
  • Positive interpersonal relationships;
  • The ability to give and receive support;
  • Balance between meaningful work and play;
  • Awareness of stressors which interfere with health development;
  • Willingness to request assistance when needed; and
  • A supportive school environment that links to community resources.

Goal: Promote provision of adequate resources and service coordination to ensure access by students, families and staff to behavioral health services.

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School Health Rules on Social & Emotional Well-Being

School Counseling


  • Standards for Excellence General Provisions contains the requirements, educational standards and student expectations in public schools.  Specific to school counseling, Standards for Excellence General Provisions requires:
    • Districts and charter schools to provide or make provisions for support service programs, which strengthen the instructional program.  Required support service programs include school counseling.  Support services must: (1) have a written, delivered, and assessed program, K-12; (2) provide licensed staff to develop and supervise the program; (3) be assessed as part of the EPSS process (see NMAC); and (4) support the local curriculum and EPSS.
Wellness Policies


  • This rule requires each school district and charter school to develop and implement local wellness policies that include:
    • A plan addressing the behavioral health needs of all students in the educational process by focusing on students’ social and emotional well-being.